Halo 3: The Sun Temple

Halo 3 has to be one of my all time favourite games; I met my husband playing Halo 3 and many of my best friends, so it holds very strong sentimental value. Using the bumper jumper control setup, I was not bad at murdering people either.

I spent many hours happily toiling over new map variants to create interesting custom games. The one in the video was named the Sun Temple and had a story behind it. As any Halo 3 player will know, Sandbox is a brilliantly flexible map, but it is surrounded by a field of death. Giant pillars in the distance will fire upon (and usually kill) any player who enters the restricted zone, which gave me an idea for a story.

In the centre of a dessert valley, human explorers discover what they believe to be a temple, which has a holographic sun suspended at it’s peak. Inside the temple structure is a tunnel which leads straight down into a hidden underground cavern. Upon exploring, the humans discover many underground structures from a long-dead alien race. What they don’t realise, is that while traversing the corridors and investigating structures, they have inadvertently stirred up a contagion – a zombie virus.

The entire map was actually an ancient alien scientific facility, and the giant pillars were part of a quarantine program. As soon as the contagion was detected once more, the quarantine program kept all disease within the boundary to prevent its spread. This meant anything inside of the facility was unable to leave, including the human explorers. Slowly, they all became zombified and hid among the ruins for months.

The video shows the arrival of the Spartan rescue team. They enter the area without trouble, unaware that they will be unable to leave the quarantine zone. Upon investigating the disappearance of the exploration team, they come face to face with the zombies and the survivors are trapped underground. This is where players of the game would then be placed; they are the Spartan rescue team trying to fend off the zombie horde with limited ammo and supplies, with zombies dropping in from the surface.

It was a fun map – enjoyable to build, exciting to play and creating the video was a blast. It became a favourite map to play whenever custom games were on the agenda and was possibly the best map I created.

If you would like to download the map and try it for yourself, please visit my fileshare.


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