So recently my husband and I got together with a few friends to celebrate Halloween. We all wore costumes and went for a drink down the local pub. One person dressed as a vampire, one as Catwoman, my husband dressed as a steampunk villain and I wore a steampunk vampire hunter costume (we both like steampunk).

The internet is fantastic for finding items to put together a costume and mine involved:

  • Some ultra-skinny jeans from New Look in dark blue with a high-waisted brass button fastening
  • A Victorian style cotton blouse from Peacocks
  • Calf-high brown boots with front lacing detail and very high heels (I got these years ago from Next)
  • A brown bakers boy cap (bought from Asda about 6 years ago)
  • Goggle-style sunglasses from eBay
  • A tesla medal purchased from Etsy
  • An awesome corset from Corset Deal
  • A vintage necklace watch from Claire’s Accessories

The ensemble was quite brilliant, and I also wore my military style green wool coat which I got from Next a few years back and a lovely long fudge coloured scarf. All together, we were dressed very well for the occasion.

After a few drinks we adjourned to our house, our intention to play a very complicated board game called Last Night on Earth. Since this game involves hero players pitted against zombie players, we thought this quite an apt diversion for a Halloween get-together. The premise of the game is very simple, but the rules are quite complicated with so many factors effecting the gameplay that players must keep their wits on the game (so don’t drink too much!) and the easiest way to learn how to play, is to actually play.

To make the evening a bit more atmospheric, we crafted some spooky nibbles and treats. I made brain cakes (muffins with pink icing) which are a recipe from the book A Zombie Ate My Cupcake by Lilli Vanilli. Meringue bones were also an idea I took from this recipe book, although the temperature given in the recipe was sadly too high for our oven and the bones went slightly coloured, giving them a fossilised appearance. Some Halloween chocolates from Hotel Chocolat and some sausage mummies were also on offer.

To decorate the room, we bought some LED balloons; orange ones with a pumpkin design from Sainsbury’s and white ones with a ghost design from Tesco. And of course, the required carved pumpkin was placed on the table where we played Last Night on Earth with lit a tea light inside.

To conclude, everyone seemed to immensely enjoy the evening and the effort my husband and I expended as hosts was very much appreciated. I love themed gatherings since an element of fun is added and I relish any opportunity to be creative.

Brain CakesMeringue BonesBrain Ice Cubes


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