Film Review: The Hunger Games

Overall Rating: 7/10

Plot: Good
Graphics: Good
Acting: Fairly consistent, good effort all round

The Good:
An enjoyable film which is full of characters that are believable and that watchers can relate to. I found this vision of another world quite interesting since it reflects many instances of our own history – lots of people have too little while some people have everything, rebellions are contained by fear and politicians desperate to maintain power. The actual Hunger Games remind me slightly of the Running Man show in the film of the same name, with the show-runners attempting to undermine the heroine’s efforts or trying anything they can think of to make the show more interesting. Altogether, I felt this was a very watchable film and I will at some point get around to watching the second one.

The Bad:
It seemed to take a while for the film to gain momentum. I felt the beginning was a little slow, although I understand that the explanations have to be made. The first half of the film was spent setting the stage for the Hunger Games to begin, yet when the Tributes (or contestants) were actually finally starting the game, there was no big deal made about this; it was sort of like, oh, they’re in the game zone now. Gently easing into this scene is a bit of a mistake, in my opinion, since the heroine would definitely not feel that events have flowed along to that point. This lack of dramatics left me feeling somewhat detached from the character and it took a while before that changed again. Also, if you don’t like seeing little children getting killed by other children, don’t watch this.

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