Tuesday Tune: 3rd June 2014

Tuesday Tune B

The purpose of Tuesday Tune is to encourage the sharing and discovery of new music artists or styles. Anyone can join in – the more the merrier. Please do remember to link to your blog post so that others can see what you share.

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What to Do:

  • Choose a piece of music you’ve listened to in the past week and tell us what you like or don’t like about it.
  • Tell us what the last piece of music you listened to was and how you heard it (iPod, radio, in a shop etc.).
  • Tell us if you have bought any music in the last week, why you purchased it and in what format (digital or CD).
  • Do you have a musical reflection? Do you have any strong opinions or notions about music? Share it with us.
  • Make sure to add the link to your post in the comments below.

My Musing:

This week I’m a bit short of time, so I’ve put my itunes on random and I’m going to talk about the first song that played. Already Dead is from the visually amazing video game Red Dead Redemption. Not only are the visuals beautiful, but I was surprised at how well-crafted the score was. It reminds me very much of some of the classic western scores yet has a voice which is unique.

Already Dead is one of the most slow-paced songs from the soundtrack and, as the name suggests it might, has a rather sad sound. I find it quite relaxing though.

L.A. Miles
Latest Book: The Stone Dragon

The Tuesday Tune music blog is brought to you by Lesley Miles at Lassie Memo


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