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The Stone Dragon – (The Adventure Seeker Saga #1) Goodreads

The Stone Dragon

The noble Order of Adventure Seekers had a secret. Rathezar was real.

The tale of Rathezar was known by every man, woman and child throughout the land. The memory of him had become nothing more than a way to scare naughty children. But the free lands would soon find out just how tangible a threat the demonic Rathezar posed.

One thing had always stood between Rathezar and total dominion. But the nation of Amshar was now destroyed, its descendants scattered. Where the greatest civilisation known to man had failed, Adventure Seekers must somehow succeed.

Propelled into the midst of the situation, Jadwhin Kanid had a past, present and future swathed in secrets. Earning the trust of Adventure Seekers would help resolve his deepest longing – to become one of them.


Page 1 of The Stone Dragon:

Jad bolted upright in bed gasping air into his lungs. His mind reeled, and for a few moments he felt disorientated. What had woken him? It was as though he had felt someone’s hatred. The perception was terrifying in its intensity as his brain laboured to work out what had happened.

Scanning the empty room reassured him. Finding no immediate threat slowed his pounding heart. Regaining control of his wits and becoming calm once more, he lay back on his narrow bed. His breathing slowly returned to normal as he took in his surroundings.

The small wardrobe at the other end of the bedroom made an ominous shadow, yet Jad was not taken by any wild fancies that it could be anything else, for he knew the layout of his room without any doubt.

Only one thing was different about his chamber tonight – his cloak lay draped over the chair in the corner. The windows were, as usual, not shuttered for Jad liked to see the moon if he woke during the night. For some reason, it would soothe him to see that silvery orb.

The sky was overcast at the moment though, and only occasional stars twinkled faintly down at him. The moon must have moved round out of sight or be hiding amongst the clouds. It would be full tomorrow night, Jad thought vaguely.

Heaving a great sigh he returned to wondering what had woken him. He could remember a nightmare but, he thought with a frown, he could not recall what it had been about. Confused, he lay listening to the sounds of the night which were oddly comforting in their normality.

As he listened he became more and more relaxed, his mind beginning to drift back towards sleep. The sound of the rain beating down on the ground, the faint creaks of the house as the wind blew against it.