New Music: Runes Configure

The other day I started composing again for the first time in months. I was sort of playing around with this score, more than anything else, but it turned out quite interesting. It’s up on Soundcloud, if you fancy a listen (embed below).


Usually I start by thinking of the main theme and thread other parts into and around it to make something big and flowing. This time though, the theme came later, almost as an afterthought as the various parts of the score blended together. I was hoping to create a piece of music with energy and purpose, so the result is fairly near what I was aiming for.

Runes Configure is quite a short piece of music compared to my normal compositions, so I imagine it would be ideal for trailer music or advertising.

Does anyone else have any new music they would like to share?

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Sunday Sounds: Shameless Plug

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This week I am shamelessly plugging a piece of music I composed myself. Why, you ask? Because it has been entered in a competition.

The competition is a social Facebook one, where people need to vote for your demo – and the ten with the most votes get judged by the panel. The issue with this is that Facebook has an app bummer whereby they require each app to receive information on people’s public profile (which includes their friends list!) and this has discouraged a lot of voters.

If you are interested in knowing more about the competition, you can find it here.

If you want to be really kind and vote for my demo, you can find it here.

As a result of the competition, a free 10 day demo of the software involved is available for download (this is what I used), so if you’re interested in trying out this awesome rock instrument sounds library, just visit the link to the competition above.

I really enjoyed using Ghostwriter, but personally think I deserve a medal for persevering with the installation. I had so many problems with this install it is ridiculous. It took a day to download, a day to get the product installed and correctly set up on my system (due to complications with having a previous Play engine installed) and then the authorisation software wouldn’t work (no matter what I tried). Eventually I had to install the authorisation software on a friend’s computer and authorise it that way (annoying!).

Having gotten the software working, I can honestly say it was a joy to work with. I love how versatile it is, the fact that an amp sound alteration can be applied to almost any instrument and the quality of the instruments. I think my favourite aspect of the library is the drums though – they sound so edgy.

L.A. Miles
Latest Book: The Stone Dragon